Surrender Your Pet

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Need to surrender a pet?

We know that sometimes life happens and people find themselves unable to properly care for their animal or you may have found a stray you are unable to keep.  Remember, if you find a stray, please make sure to contact the City Animal Service agency in your area to leave a lost dog report in case a owner is looking.  Afterwards, you may contact us to see if we can help the pet.

Steps to surrender your animal

1. Apply

Complete the Surrender Form below.

2. Review

Our Team will review your information to determine if we have an space available.


3. Our Decision

We will contact as soon as possible to let you know our decision by email or phone.

Upon review, we will

Make an appointment for you

We will schedule a time for you to bring the pet by for an evaluation.  The staff will make sure they are able to handle your animal comfortably and that there does not appear to be any signs of illness or injury.


Provide you with alternative resources

If your animal is not a good fit or if we do not have room at this time, we will provide you with alternative resources.

Due to a severe slow-down in dog and cat adoptions, we are experiencing a higher-than-normal demand for surrenders.  We will respond to every request, but sadly we are not able to help every person.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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